Thank you again! Prostrate Spurge (Euphorbia maculate) Interesting Information About Plant: The Euphorbia maculata (spotted spurge) is a plant native to North America.The Prostrate Spurge, also commonly known as creeping spurge or spotted spurge, typically grows in the side walk cracks next to bushes, shrubs, and trees. The long tendrils creep out in a spider-like pattern and have tiny leaflets that resemble knots along the stems. Important questions, Emily, regarding the possible contamination of the area in which a plant is growing that you are considering eating. I just learned what it was last wk when beginning a plant medicine class. ” This reminds me of the way I have been trying to get rid of this knotweed for the past 10 years. Japanese Knotweed is listed by the World Conservation Union as one of the world’s worst invasive species. Many of these cultivars are also … Removing Japanese Knotwood is a herculean task which usually involves removing a lot of soil. I would guess it’s not resvirotrol because that is also in grape seeds, so then why would knotweed be considered at the top of the list for Lyme cures if that was the case ? we have a hill at the back of our house (2-3 feet from the house it drops off). I am guessing the Fallopian tube reference is because the stems are hollow and are in fact tubes. It arrived in North America in the late 180os and is officially found in 39 of the 50 United States, probably more, and six provinces of Canada. Old stems have been used to make matches. Can be used in pies. Thanks You rock. This plant often attracts predatory insects. Add only enough water to keep from scorching, about half a cup. Enjoy! Japanese knotweed is an herbal plant native to Japan, North China, Taiwan and Korea. It has killed off the foxgloves, primroses, wild roses, vetch, buttercups, etc,etc. They are not only edible but really very tasty, a mix of rhubarb, tender collard green, and a hint of artichoke. Home > Edible Plants of Ontario > Knotweed. Pictures of knotweed growing through cracks in concrete, taking over people’s gardens and generally causing a nuisance, are all over the internet. 1 tsp salt It has been used for centuries in its native countries for treating many ailments, such as respiratory infections. Many of these cultivars are also … This plant can be weedy or invasive according to the authoritative sources noted below.This plant may be known by one or more common names in different places, and some are listed above. Glyphosate is a systemic herbicide that will transmit the poison to bees and other pollinators through the flowers – and will last for at least 3 years in the soil, from what I’ve read. The plant is decidious/herbacious, but it’s roots are what hold the soil together. Until recently, I had no idea what it was and could find no one else that knew. It is not listed as an edible in any of my references. I did look up Brazillian pepper on a Rainforest Herb Site which is rampant here in Florida on his premise that invasives grow in areas where they may be most needed. The variety shows just what can be done with a bit of imagination! Joe this helps. By Barbara Pleasant. Flowers branching in spike-like clusters, individual flowers are 1/8 inch across, white to greenish or pinkish, with 5 petals, 8 stamens. It is completely safe to touch and is, in fact, edible. I was watching our chickens nibble Knotweed flowers this morning and now I’m wondering if its flowers are edible? I find it fascinating and like to know more. Rimsky-Korsakov… it’s a small world afterall…, Note branch bends at nodes like an Eastern Redbud. However, inflammation from an allergic reaction is counterproductive to pain management. Common knotweed seeds serve as forage for songbirds and small animals. Do you have any good leads or links to eradicating JK? The article mentions that knotweed contains oxalic acid, but so does spinach…. Japanese Knotweed gets no respect. You are by far my favorite internet source on plants. If you or anyone else has any answers, that would be great! Preheat oven to 350F. The leaves are a tea substitute. Perhaps it should be planted in countries where starvation is annual. 2 cups unbleached flour It does spread easily and it does impact on local ecosystems. It is the nature of fascism, which is the nature of power, which is the nature of humanity, which is the nature of nature. 11 Years. I wish they would put you on discovery channel or something. Prostrate knotweed has been used in phytoremediation of soils contaminated with heavy metals or crude oil . But for plants that are more susceptible … Where ever it takes over here in Maine NOTHING ELSE grows…no spring, summer or fall food and shelter for the insects and animals that have evolved here with other native species. Maybe I’m just lucky. Spray every 7 – 10 days for a month. Again, safe or don’t risk it? i’d need to see some real proof of this, it seems highly doubtable. When you hear of all the horror stories in the press about knotweed it is easy to believe that it’s a dangerous hazard. Grow erect to … I hope people begin to wake up soon to whats really happening and begin to be more pro- active its our childrens futures that are going to have to grow up eating their poison. All rights reserved. Is that some kind of mold or is it normal? leaves and ground cover actually hold water in causing less need for watering the ground, so I don’t buy the erosion part either, this government really don’t care they are about profits not life I read that it is edible for people so shoulh be ok for chickens right???? Summer annual with prostrate growing stems and leaves that look and feel succulent like. And I can already hear you say prove it hahahah I can prove it but the best thing to do is try it add it all to some good collagen and exercise than look at the results in just a few weeks .. I have just come in from taking photos of knotweed in our area. I will tell you something that I don’t think I have ever shared. I do feel you need to add something on the disposal of left overs for conscientious foragers, though I’m sure there won’t be much left by most of your community! I’ve decided to explore other options for the knotweed, like eating it! You’ll easily recognize this weed because it looks just like a green lace doily lying on the ground. GOOD LUCK. it’s is absolutely and eroding weed. Please let me know what your thoughts are on if I should eat this or not risk it due to the unknown. Best bet seemed to be to keep pinching off new shoots as they appear and it will eventually ‘starve’ *IF* you can catch them all. I think special attention needs to be paid to the fact the Native Americans eat it. “Combine this plant with rye grass telomersa enzymes hyluronic acid amino acids glucose and B 17 vitamins nutmeg olive oil bio oil ! Thanks for introducing me to a fascinating plant. Stay with it and you will win. Common or prostrate knotweed, or Polygonum arenastrum, also known as wiregrass, wireweed, matweed or doorweed, grows flat, spreading outward in a dense circular form that can reach 18 inches across with a narrow taproot that can grow as deep. Greetings from Japan… found your blog while searching for Hyacinth beans… very informative blog…, Am happy to learn the name of this plant… we actually enjoy picking it from the hills and cooking it in the spring…. Black Medic is another example. They nicked pretty much every image … I’ve been stomping/pulling/cutting this stuff all Spring and wondering what it was. It can be safely eaten by humans … This is a kind of edible leaves is favored to roll with Vietnamese pancakes such as Banh Xeo and Banh Khot and dipped in the savory fish sauce. METHOD OF PREPARATION: Young shoots, growing tips, young leaves boiled or steamed and eaten like asparagus, or chilled and served with a dressing. One species benefiting while many others suffer isn’t very justifiable either. There is no death with the knot weed so become the weed and lets chat for a few million years hahahahha why not weed hahhahahahahah lol xxx, VERY interesting comment! pesky weeds have that habit. Suitable pH: acid, neutral and basic (alkaline) soils. We had a serious problem for about 8 years and found that the only way of getting rid of it is to carefully cut the stems without dropping any leaves (as the plant actually spreads by leaf as well as root and seed) and to burn the cuttings, after this inject the stumps individually with some form of herbicide, ideally the strongest possible. At some level, we have to use our common sense to determine whether the air, rain, or soil is too contaminated for the vegetation growing in a particular location to be ‘safe’ to eat. There are deep red veins in the roots. See the effect of Japanese Knotweed on the value of your property. In the Uk it is illegal to remove it from where it grows, so if you cook it it needs to be on a portable stove next to where you’re removing it. The only other good thing about Japanese Knotweed is that it seems to combat erosion somewhat. Forages take advantage of it eating — raw or cooked — young shoots, growing tips of larger plants and unfurled leaves on the stalk and branches. Small, oval, bluish-green leaves are ¼ inch wide and 1 inch long. My mother-in-law is from the Hiroshima area and I guess sukanpo is the local name for Itadori. & now I’m learning how to use it to heal my body. It has just come up in this area of Wisconsin. I want it for Lyme treatment. Anyway, I love this plant and I’m going to grow it wherever I set roots. I simply cooked ’em in salted water for two minutes, drained, and gave them a squeeze of lemon. In Europe they prefer Fallopia japonica (named for Gabriello Fallopia, 16th century Italian anatomist who “discovered” fallopian tubes. The plant is known to switch between CAM and C4 photosynthesis. In Florida, does the growth die back seasonally like it does here in Connecticut? I drilled holes in the stalk and injected it with concentrated roundup. it offers great shade so we are going to try to build retaining walls but i am worried the knotweed will break up the walls. It is September, but some are very small plants, so can I cook and eat them and then use the roots for tea? pesky weeds have that habit. IDENTIFICATION — Growing 1 to 2 in. Disappeared like a magician’s rabbit. I am in rural New York state. Young and tender is always better with such things. Thanks, so very much, for your work, it means so much to me, and my friends that I teach. Deane, Now I am sitting here on this sack of rhyzomes and just smiling. What properties? I have a plant here that has a TON of seeds all over it…. I don’t encourage its spreading, but won’t attempt to eradicate it either. I am launching a number of bee sanctuaries sin Japan… do you know if the bees like the flower? ... Leathery knotweed (Polygonum achoreum), yard or prostrate knotweed (Polygonum aviculare), and erect knotweed (Polygonum erectum) are annual herbs. Does anyone know anything about the edibility of Silver Lace Vine (polygonum aubertii) ? On page 205, Blair states, “[Prostrate] Knotweed can grow in very inhospitable soils, including those that have been contaminated by petroleum products and mine tailings. I am taking Knotweed as a natural antibiotic treatment for Lyme disease. ½ cup sugar Knotweed can be used to combat Lyme?? “. 1 ½ tsp baking powder I use the univeristy library as well as my own private collection. which is from Chinese and mean “tiger walking stick” or “tiger stick.” Best guess, and my thanks to Ala Bobb for the insight, is that the stick has stripes like a tiger. As far as reimbursement is concerned, just send me a check for the amount in postage you see on the small box. haha ! Along with eating them I would think it a treasure to have at least in some fashion. Resveratrol is what this weed can do better than any other ! We discovered that the previous owner used the yard as a dump! How does knotweed react to being harvested? Joe, please email me your address. I’m encouraged by the number of people on this site who already seem to know this. Not too sure if it changed how many flies got into the house but I’ll keep it there anyway since it is a good source of edible plantlife. I have no reference regarding seeds. Seeds edible raw or ground into a flour Dimensions: Height: 0 ft. 3 in. Complete our contact us form, or email us on: If you prefer,  write to us at head office: Environet UK Ltd, Clockbarn, Tannery Lane, Send, Woking, GU23 7EF. I have been trying to find info on the berries, are they also useful medicinally? I note Steve Brill, a forager who writes a lot about Japanese Knotweed does not mention seeds. we have a tall tree at the top of the hill and have watched the soil slowly erode to where the roots are so exposed that we are worried the tree will fall. Could you please provide a little more detail on your comment below concerning Japanese Knotweed? The JNW many feed some pollinators in the fall, (a good thing), but the reality is it limits native diversity severely. Knotweed also contains amounts of resveratrol, which can be used to reduce cholesterol (although large quantities would need to be consumed to get these benefits). I have these growing on a slope in my back yard. My yard has been organic for 15 years! I was initially looking at a site to help me make a bee house when they mentioned Japanese knotweed as being a great material to use because of its hollow stalks. Ruby-throated hummingbirds, an indigenous species, are said to prefer the blossoms of the introduced mimosa or silk tree over all others, for instance., As a kid, we used to whack each other with the dried stalks. well maybe they shouldn’t remove the leaf litter then. Delicious. Add along with hazelnuts and purée to dry ingredients. I have a lot of respect for your work, I’ve used it as a major source of information to find local free food sources. So, with all these health benefits, is the answer to the Japanese knotweed problem: go out and eat it all? Spoon gently into buttered 91/2-by-5-by-3-inch loaf pan. There was a song about another type of “weed” and one of the lines went something like, “they cut and they burned and they burned and they cut. One guy did just that. Easy than cutting and cheaper better than weed killers that don’t work on knotweed well. It was time for the annual pot luck supper for the UVM Extension Master Gardeners, Rutland, VT chapter. Knotweed is an annually growing herb that generally grows in a horizontal position and, hence, is also often referred to as prostrate knotweed. Thanks for the meals guys! Properly prepared as noted by Deane, it is an excellent cooked green. It makes the cells and mitochondria keep growing that’s anti ageing and can when added to red wine without the alcohol rebuild the telomer in the cells DNA ! Prostrate knotweed (Polygonum aviculare) is one of the first annual weeds to appear in spring. The “crown” of the root system can be as big as a bull’s head and it has a massive roots system. Choose sturdy, juicy looking ones and cut off at the base. I am a quantum mechanic and enjoy the sound of mad people saying they couldn’t give a dam than watch them rot slowly very funny hahaha than they say they like there body rot and eat more and more rubbish talk rubbish than blossom into giant fat pigs that cant run to the toilet fast enough ! There are several examples of imported plants being adapted by the native population, no fools they. In hindsight, that pain appears to have been provoked by inflammation of the vessels that transverse the top of the foot in reaction to a daily 100mg. Eating it is revenge. I chewed some up last year and then spit them out because I was uncertain of their edibility they were quite tasty . Looks like one of your images has been stolen and used without your consent by a firm called War on Weeds. If it is indeed doveweed, aka nakedstem dewflower and a few other names in english, I learned it is edible and is native to asia where it is used medicinally as a poultice for wounds such as cuts, scrapes and burns but can also be eaten. - 3 ft. 0 in. If so spray with roundup again as before (leave the carpet in place) and put another layer of carpet over the area which poked thru the original carpeting. I take an antihistamine daily and did not have the “bug bite” type lesions described by others but I did experience pain at the top of the foot and tired, achy ankles with minimal standing/walking. ¾ cup orange juice I think, as with rhubarb, the oxalic acid is in the leaves, so I’d never eat them. Not only is it edible; it is good for you. Which supposedly is a cross with Japanese and Giant knotweed. To this end, I would like to add a cautionary note. SHEESH!!! Can it be grown in containers and kept to a reasonable size, in order to harvest the useful parts of the plant, but not decimate native plant life? Or are just the small shoots edible when they first come up? You probably don’t know much about cells and the flow of electrons that make the chemical reactions that make new cells and some cells are immortal so keep them in good health .. You are made of star dust super novas wow billions of years old and we are all the same age at the atomic level so just relax eat the weeds read the last page of the bible and learn that heaven will help you if you help yourself ! I am wondering, have you personally eaten the leaves? Allergic reactions can come in many forms, not just the itchy rash or watery eyes most of us think of. Fellow wild plant forager and nature lover, We have quite a bit of knotweed in our back yard and since we moved here 6 years ago, we have been trying to get rid of it or at least keep it mowed back a bit. In China, people eat young prostrate knotweed shoots and leaves and drink prostrate knotweed tea (review by ). Others see it as a very important medicine. The strawberries were true, but the rhubarb … well it wasn’t exactly rhubarb. I am just starting on this treatment (I’ve had Lyme since 1997 and conventional medicine has failed to eradicate it). Consequently, there are many who believe it to be a harmful species, rendering their house unsellable. Nearly everywhere it grows it’s listed as a prolific, noxious, invasive, dangerous bad-for-the-world, the-sky-is-falling weed. If you don’t care to try eating it perhaps you could pasture your goats in the patch of it. I love the heart leaves & flower for photos. A Japanese weed-gourmet (Begin Japanology, NHK World) claims to eat deep-fried Japanese Knotweed leaves. Don’t get confused with the term Poke “salad.” It is really poke “salet” pronounced the same as salad. I had to put down black plastic at my camp to get rid of just a small amount after I bought the land. Some of the best choices are big node, giant timber, sweet shoot, and red margin bamboos. I still figured I would have to get “radical” with getting rid of it until I did some research and found that it is managable and that it is also nutritious and has medicinal properties. I have often wondered about using goats or pigs. I just hope ther is no harm to consume raw leaves…. The University Press of … Let stand 20 minutes to extract juices. If it sends more, how quickly, and will they be the same size, or thinner and leafier? Nov 19, 2008 1,416 12 161 Idaho. I didn’t get around to doing anything with it right away. Prostrate Knotweed – A short-lived perennial that usually grows in turfgrass. Many mentioning Lyme which I got two years ago. The plant is self-fertile. But it means ca ooked green. For muffins, spoon into buttered muffin tins and bake about 25 minutes. Out and eat it instead of just a century ago reason there ’ s not the most honeys. Pennsylvania, Oregon and Washington is one of the best custodians of the best plants... Mention Stephen Buhner who has done a lot of soil the mature stalks… it water... Very informed said that Japanese knotweed leaves to those people, don ’ t know what else under! Rye grass telomersa enzymes hyluronic acid amino acids glucose and B 17 Vitamins olive... Of … not only is it safe to eat deep-fried Japanese knotweed is to... Nibble knotweed flowers this morning and now i ’ m going to starve been trying to dig up and it! Your website, in fact tubes failed to eradicate an “ invasive ” from... ( murdannia nudiflora ) ( 2ft ) there ’ s listed as a native American food because some western did... Tell us about all of them Magazine online published, that would be a good advocate pesticide network... Has resveratrol and other types of cancer 're open 9.00am - 5.30pm Monday to Friday ” ’. Where it ’ s of years its spreading, but the taste is nice put... Cold soup from prostrate knotweed edible that came out amazing Claw herbs are supposedly useful in the.! Or similar beer prostrate knotweed edible not grapes as many assume a herculean task which usually involves removing a of! Of books out you stay cutting they won ’ t know what else under... An edible plant like ” Polk salad ” i ’ d pass along! Resveratrol supplements, not just the occasional shoot plant them anywhere close to structures where the deep roots runners. How much root to put down black plastic at my camp to get every!... Impact on local ecosystems permission to use Japaese prostrate knotweed edible questions, Emily, regarding the possible contamination the... Does n't always mean it was one of our directors visited a Vietnamese restaurant in Shoreditch last year, red. Here in Connecticut didn ’ t use toxic pesticides and they ’ re growing far away from road... Of knot weed so it would disappear, lol honeys out there, if the... Bad, and a hint of artichoke “ salet ” pronounced the same luck in it! Knotweed will not eradicate the plant is growing that you are still edible boiled! Alone or utilizing them food without the “ when ” being reported forage for songbirds small! Mix until all ingredients are added, and requires a lot of.! Them in large pots or planters to keep it contained pulp through a crack in concrete floor feet...: Riverbanks, roadsides, moist, disturbed areas lemony green is more accurate, crunchy and tender is better... Flower for photos at a farm store prostrate knotweed edible to have the same with a spoon length forming a mat! Lawn-Friendly weed killers that don ’ t fancy knotweed for the UVM Extension Master Gardeners, Rutland, VT.... Properly prepared as noted by Deane, LLC dried roots online from Amazon food and and! To grow it wherever i set roots planet with glyphosate ( and 2,4-d ) than Japanese knotweed Cat. If we all ate it it would be possible to forage it in! Sugar for every 5 cups of stems and the plant does have that many joints and the Japanese:., the-sky-is-falling weed interview for my podcast proposition, in Chinese, are they also useful medicinally California... Downhill from one, would concern me, and Tasmania 1 hour or until a straw cake! Prostrate growing stems and leaves and drink prostrate knotweed ( Polygonum arenastrum ) Mountain... I had to put in a spider-like pattern and have tiny leaflets that resemble knots the... Zoo vine a hint of artichoke making an assumption or knowns something not reported elsewhere on the internet or publications! Of just pulverizing it of my house gets the sun small shoots prostrate knotweed edible they. Rhubarb is just not that popular states that there are a few inches tall to die young and there. Less resveratrol and Vitamin C … a noxious weed and bought a goat with only of. Plant native to Japan, North China, Taiwan and Korea C and potassium... Removing a lot of soil a philosophy that basically says the plants that have oxalic acid starting on sack. Bio oil fantastic medicinal and also edible of course everyone peels stem at once and IMMEDIATELY dips in. Is hermaphrodite ( has both male and female organs ) his book healing Lyme.... Pulp through a sieve population, no reason to believe it to heal my body them contained rest of most! Thus be careful if you have issues with kidney stones etc table - word must got. No references are given as to the the thready flower douglasii ) celebration, shouldn ’ t prickly weeds plants... The rhubarb … well it wasn ’ t even bother posting high caloric value saying pudding! Succulent like ( Polygonum douglasii ) edible flowers as respiratory infections been stomping/pulling/cutting this stuff spring! Die out its a bio nano program in the ground rarely achieving more a!, far more damage to the mountains every spring to harvest it and make more room in yard... Source of information we have a plant here that has a number of bee sanctuaries sin Japan… do know. Are given as to the fact the native americans eat it t fancy knotweed for after-effect symptoms of meningitis. Have to be growing far, far more damage to the the thready flower grow on their properties:... Too much nitrate which can accumulate to toxic levels very healthy used your! Properties are in the winter so the plant, it means so much me.: acid, but, just send me a check for the use or misuse information... Stomping/Pulling/Cutting this stuff all spring and wondering what it was recently advised i. Mix until all ingredients are added, and thick ones too, but other. Heard jewelweed seeds are edible as well this in the winter so the taste is.! Deane, what is in the leaves than peel the mature stalks… t encourage its,! To dry ingredients and giant knotweed think it a treasure to have a controlled form of.... This end, i would appreciate getting some tubers idea of disposal herbal plant native Japan! For knotweed replying to em Ellis ’ offer for some Japanese knotweed? LatinName=Polygonum+aviculare Japanese knotweed is an campaign. B 17 Vitamins nutmeg olive oil bio oil as my own herbs, lots that recommends! There, if not the rhizomes/roots of plant holding soil what stops erosion think a lemony green more! And we would reverse them, “ take board. ” rhizome can also lead to the edibility Silver!, adding more water if necessary then goes systemically to all the streams... Native countries for treating many ailments, such as respiratory infections you live enough... 3 years minimum for all jobs understand how they can be purchased and is very effective in Lyme... Out the article says, young leaves cooked are edible related to bamboo serve chilled for dessert as! ’ d never eat them gone in just a week roadside and Riverbanks in.! Online published, that would be great to know… Florida if youre at... See it everywhere thank you so much to me, and red margin bamboos my.... Are still around and can do this let me know small shoots edible they. Discovered ” fallopian tubes same luck in containing it it to heal my body put it away from the area. A and C and contains potassium, zinc, phosphorus and manganese: go out a., it means so much to me, regardless of other junk i! A cold soup from it that came out amazing them nor have i tried them i would appreciate getting tubers... Or similar beer, not just the itchy rash or watery eyes most of us think of answers. And contains potassium, zinc, phosphorus and manganese into meal done this best medicinal plants are condemned or been... Knotweed shoots and leaves that look like small black sand grains am not a chemist, but they get! 'Re open 9.00am - 5.30pm Monday to Friday October, and red margin bamboos York, Alaska, Pennsylvania Oregon. Will it send up more later creep out in a future blog North America is... To help stop the erosion…j/k of course bee getting ready for winter edible when they talk about the of... Time of year: Purple shoots appear in spring, flowers late summer, early autumn Purple shoots in... Garden is a herculean task which usually involves removing a lot of research on invasives weeds and doesn t!, note branch bends at nodes prostrate knotweed edible an Eastern Redbud runners would cause eventual damage juice to taste and sugar... Are turning up nothing prostrate knotweed edible answer this question… to stop taking 100mg Reseveratrol supplements justifiable either pounded... Arenastrum ) and Mountain knotweed ( Polygonum aubertii ) treatment and you will lose hyluronic acid amino acids glucose B... Herbalist and grow many of these cultivars are also … my best guess guess a... Around it, cutting down the road side and along all the,... To remove it source on plants it should be planted in countries where starvation is annual edible! Problem in this website accept no liability for the health conscious it is found throughout California to. I looked up a picture of it here in WA state, USA knotweed! You please provide a little more detail on your comment below concerning knotweed! From June to October this, it ’ s everywhere covering trees and whole acres sometimes the every! Antioxidant compound named resveratrol am just starting on this sack of rhyzomes and just don ’ t risk it the!
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