When looking at the topography of the specific waterway you’re fishing, look for deep saddles, gulleys, or steep drop-offs. If you have always wanted to land a monster fish but are unable to go saltwater fishing, catfishing is the next best thing. We're always looking to improve our articles to help you become an even better fisherman. Catfish are best attracted to “smelly” baits. And the Mississippi — a mother lode of giant blues, flatheads and channel cats — provided many delicious whiskerfish for the savvy fisherman's dinners. In this article, I am going to cover a few of the must-know catfishing tips. Now, the current in the river can be your friend, or your enemy...it all depends on your approach. Information on blue catfish on the lower James River, below Richmond , Virginia and the surrounding areas. Catfish are considered one of the water’s top predator fish. Catfishing is great fun, and you can do it almost anywhere. A lit dock at night is even better. The method for fishing catfish is pretty simple. Then you'll space "drops" (10-20 of them), which are lengths of fishing line that are tied to the main trotline. As far as length goes with rods, I personally use a 7’2” rod for my main rod. It's not just "lore" of the American South... the biggest catfish live in rivers. When fishing in lakes, rivers, and creeks for catfish, always remember to look for the deeper water. The tips in this article will make you a better catfisherman overall and help you become a more informed angler. ...and we'll customize them for you based on your answers to our Old School Catfish Fishing Quiz... Because they love these low-light conditions, "night time is the right time" to catch catfish... and it's really the best time to fish for them. One thing to note: almost all catfish species prefer darker than normal conditions, and tend to hang out in deeper waters with a lot of structure. Moderators: Smoothkip, Catfishrollo. snakes, snapping turtles, beavers and the list goes on. Channel catfish, like most catfish, are bottom feeders. They grow huge, they taste great, and they put up a heck of a fight. Check out some of our recent adventures including catfish noodling: how to noodle catfish in a river & river catfish fishing: catfishing tips & techniques! They do range in size and color, however. Use different drop lengths on each jug to cover a lot of water... and also vary the baits between jugs. You want to get the center drops down deep in the channel towards the bottom, and as the drops move from center they come up to follow the contour of the bottom channel. His wife lived in their home in southeast Arkansas, but Sid spent most of his time in a cabin near the Mississippi River.. Like many river rats, Sid enjoyed catfishing. Blues and Channel Catfish live in similar areas, but the Flatheads are the "oddball" of the bunch with their own habitat and tendancies. Anything ½ oz and higher will do you perfectly, some people use smaller weights but when doing that the current in the water tends to make the bait drift. If you’re holding the catfish barehanded, then be careful of these fins while unhooking a catfish. These fish grow to enormous sizes, they are relatively easy to attract and catch, and in my opinion, some of the best-eating fish. Choose a heavy, sinking bait for fishing in the current. Consider areas where there is structure along the bank, such as sunken trees or overhanging branches, but don't forget that there are plenty of spots in a river that will hold fish. Catfish are desperately seeking out the warmest possible water they can find. Since catfish are opportunistic feeders, they rely greatly on smell such as that from rotting fish, for example, to find a meal. In order to get cut bait, catch a few of the local baitfish swimming around (most of the time you will find bluegill or shell-crackers.). This revolutionary designed dragging weight dramatically reduces hang ups … This is where being an angler and a daredevil come together. 10 Hot Catfishing Tips For millions of anglers, the catfish is the undisputed monarch of all pole-benders. Here are some basic tips everybody should know about catfishing to get more bites. After the fish has been dispatched, all you need to do is cut the bait into smaller pieces and thread onto a hook and you are good to go!
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